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Gold Schedule - September 28-October 2 - Please do Attendance

Monday - Monster Vases and Faces in Sketchbook
Tuesday - Upside down Picasso Drawing in sketchbook
Wednesday - Work on any projects unfinished.  Elements Book due beginning of class tomorrow.
Thursday - Blind Contour drawings - pure vs modified.
Friday - Contour drawing - Leaf

Sep 27, 04:35 pm (1 day ago)

Please check out the attendance for today Gold team!!!!

Sep 28, 08:50 am (about 20 hours ago)

Blue Schedule - September 28 - October 2 _ Please do attendance
Monday - Check Sketchbooks - Begin Blind and Modified Contour drawing
Tuesday - Leaf drawings
Wednesday - Contour Bottle Drawing - Please upload Picture into assignment
Thursday - Contour Shoe Drawing - Please upload Picture into assignments
Friday - outside/out your window contour drawing. - Will check in sketchbook

Sep 27, 04:47 pm (1 day ago)

Home Schedule - September 28-October 2 - Please do attendance.
Monday - Learn Contour drawing 
Pure Contour Line drawings - Please listen to the audio and do the exercise.  It is under assignments - drawing - contour page.
Tuesday - Practice Contour drawing.
Modified Drawing of Hand - please watch demo.
1. Zoom Meeting 9:30 AM or 11:30 AM
2. Contour Of Bottle - upload picture to Assignments
2. Contour of Shoe - Upload picture to Assignments
Outdoor Contour drawing

Sep 27, 04:21 pm (1 day ago)